Your reliable partner
  •  New and used cars
  • Engine oil
  • Filters
  • Tires and wheels

  • We represent you in the USA car auctions
  • We mediate in handling documents
  • We provide the necessary information
  • introduce the procedure
  • We deliver a vehicle
  • We prepare and paint cars
  • New enclosed heated camera
  • Car polishing,using modern dropoff technology

In our team we have a person who has worked in the USA for long time. He been working in the international logistics company for five years, moving goods (containers) all over the world. Good English, well acquainted with US geography with good dating, Florida car dealer licensed. Our partner in the United States cares for car delivery to the US warehouse, Our partners do car inspection, and providing information, pictures and video footage. If necessary, you can order the necessary parts for a car located within the United States, and ship it with a car. In some cases, it saves time and money of the customers.

Our business is not limited to importing cars, it can be anything that a customer sees for himself, as:

  • Boats, various craft, water motorcycles, boat motors, echo and other
  • All kinds construction machinery ,mini excavators, hoists and other non-large machinery
  • Do you have a store and need merchandise from USA?  Go ahead and contact us.