how it works:

You search for a vehicle by yourself, at one of the auctions listed or other sales outlets. We always advise you on how to choose and what to avoid. Contact us for more information. We represent you in the auction, and we oppose the car you choose, up to the agreed amount. Participation in the auction requires a security deposit of 10% (at least 500eu) for the purchase of a car, which guarantees your intention to purchase the selected vehicle. The collateral is lost in the event of failure to pay the auctioneer or refusal to purchase a vehicle. Car purchase price includes:

  • vehicle price
  • auction and administration fees
  • transportation costs to the port
  • loading costs on ferries
  • transportation by ferry

After charging to the ferry, a vehicle trip from the USA to Lithuania usually lasts from 3 weeks to 6 weeks,it depends where is the car located. When the ferry reaches the selected port (in the case of Lithuania, Klaipeda), we contact the buyer. Vehicle documentation and customs procedures are maintained. Taxes in Lithuania:

  • customs
  • import VAT
  • document management and registration costs

Simply put, everything can look complicated, but the entire process is well-worked and understandable, so ask and discuss everything. We are really easy going guys. We got a credo " 2 work hard and honestly 4 u guys".When combined, you will have a car with a low mileage at a good price.